Blackberries in Opal Nero

Often the most delicious dishes highlight the simple magnificence of fresh, natural goodness.

Earlier this year I combined dark young berries with Opal Nero liqueur and a blob of Chantilly cream. Quick, simple, delectable. Now that the blackberries are in season, you’ll find that the added sweetness and the magic of anise and a hint of lemon from the Opal Nero turns simple berries into a stunner of perfect yumminess. While we’re on the subject of perfect yumminess, I wanted to find you a pretty picture because I didn’t photograph my berry dish. It was in my mouth all too quick. Perhaps if I had this lad in my kitchen whipping up the Chantilly cream things would have been different!

Blackberries in Opal Nero

for 2

1 cup of dark berries

1/2 shot of Opal Nero, or more if you think it needs it, but keep it subtle, so the berries are still the feature

Let the berries seep in the liquor for a little while if you have time

Serve with Chantilly cream

Chantilly Cream

250 ml cream

1 tbsp heaped of icing sugar

1 tsp vanilla

Whip all the ingredients till cream holds a peak.

Ah, to be young again…


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