Watercress with smoked chicken breast and honey soy dressing

Loaded with more vitamins than most other foods, watercress features all year round on our menu at the farm. Harvested from cool mountain streams, we brave freezing waters, rain or shine to ensure our select few are blessed with the vigor that is watercress.

Watercress, smoked chicken and honey soy dressing

Watercress with Smoked Chicken Breast and Honey Soy Dressing

Buying salad dressing is such a lazy mistake. This dressing is very quick to make and blends two simple ingredients into a delicious fresh and healthy light meal.


1 tsp warmed, runny local honey
1 tbsp sweet chili sauce
1 tbsp soy sauce
half a lemon’s juice

Shake up in a little jar, then taste. If its not absolutely so good that you have to stick your finger back in the jar for another go, fix it. If your lemons are sour add more sweet chili or honey, if its too salty, add more honey and vice versa. That’s what makes a good cook…knowing how to balance flavors. Its as simple as that.

Slice the smoked chicken breast and place on a washed bed of watercress, drizzle over the dressing. Nothing could be quicker or more nutritious, plus its YUM!


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