Peppery Liver Cleansing Juice

Today is day three of my juice fast and I’m feeling great in the joints, my body pain has settled after my 2 hour deep tissue massage, but I’m feeling I still need to be gentle with myself.

Comfrey, horseradish, peppermint, spinach, dandelion and wild apples for this mornings juice
This morning as I strolled the garden for my breakfast I started at the young silverbeet patch and selected three nice mid sized leaves. As I walked past the comfrey and horseradish, they asked to be included. I ascented. Its good for the liver in small amounts. So I chose one mid sized young comfrey leaf and two horseradish leaves. Then the pennyroyal requested service, but I replied, “I’m not sure about eating you. I’ll google later. I’m choosing your cousin peppermint today. Your time will come.”

On the way I noticed mustard coming up around the upland cress I’d recently divided up and planted where this seasons mustard had seeded and dried. I made a note to tell the boys that mustard greens will be on the menu soon.

I pulled up two flowering mustard’s that had self seeded amongst the potatoes and five dandelion greens. Then I picked 4 nice wild apples from this weeks foraging and bunged it all through the juicer.

The thought passed my mind, “I hope this won’t make me sick”. Wow, was it peppery. The horseradish and peppermint, I suppose. But it was good. I sipped it slowly like a good scotch, aware of its powerful potential to overwhelm a sluggish liver.

I am happy and content.


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