Spiced Medlars

Medlars are a most delicious fruit, best eaten after the first frosts have got to them and they go all mushy and brown (rotten some would eroneously concur).

It’s like eating instant apple sauce.
They are, however a pain to prepare if you want to cook them. I first made a medlar pie, painstakingly peeling and deseeding to seperate the pulp. Nice, but realistically I’d never do it again. I am a lazy cook after all.

So with the big bag I had left, I decided to cook them up whole, adding star anise, cinnamon and juniper berries, but no sugar for they are naturally sweet. I covered with water and let it cook for an hour.

When I checked them, they were still all as I left them, round, pert, and whole. So I got out a potato masher, squashing them and letting them pop under pressure like a stew of giants eyeballs. That did the trick. After another hour I had a mushy, great tasting pulp. The fibrous skin had broken down to a soft, meat like texture, and while I could have now strained it easily, I ended up using some pulp as was to make a kick ass savoury sauce to accompany some lamb chops. In the restaurant you’d carefully go through it to find the seeds, but for me at home it wasn’t a bother to fish them out while dining.

Its now in the freezer, pot and all awaiting my return from my food forage safari to the Riverina and Adelaide. I think I’ll bottle it up to be used for both sweet and savoury dishes.


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