Sugar and Spice Almonds Recipe

These worked pretty well. I made this recipe up after trying a commercial vanilla coated almond. Try varying the spices used to make other savoury and sweet versions. This would work well for Christmas, and the star anise makes the flavours more unexpected. Try serving the almonds with Black Sambucca/ Opal Nero, or even add a swig to the nuts at the olive oil stage for extra aniseed punch. I suppose what makes these nuts a little more sexy is the lumpy anise and olive oil flavoured sugary lumps around the nuts. This is so yummy. Little kids will eat the spiced sugar and leave the nuts, me, I love them together.

Sugar and Spice Almonds

1 egg white
1-2 tbsp icing sugar (can reduce or omit for savoury)
6 star anise, ground with mortar and pestle or coffee grinder
250g almonds
1 tbsp olive oil
1/2 cup lumpy icing sugar

whisk egg white with 2 tbsp icing sugar and a few good pinches of the star anise powder, till mixture is creamy but still runny. Coat almonds with mixture and place on a baking tray. Cook 20 minutes @ 200 or so until lightly browned, stirring and tossing over nuts a few times during cooking. Watch the almonds and when they taste cooked, pour them onto a plate to cool, sprinkle over olive oil, icing sugar and the rest of the star anise and toss to coat almonds.


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