Autumn Booster for the Garden Veggie Patch

This year I am growing in new beds at Katoomba where the soil is sandy and nutrient compromised. Despite personal reservations, I thought I should at least experiment with making an Autumn soil booster to get settled in, ready for the up coming busy Spring.

A good gardener, like a good parent, also considers and gathers resources for the future, and Autumn, especially in my cool climate is all about bedding down and keeping as much warmth in the soil as possible.

As well as this booster, my autumn bed prep this year will be with the mulched autumn leaves which have just started dropping now.

So, lets get raking and making!
Autumn booster for 40sq mtrs

Sulphate of potash 41.5%
10g/sq m
Handful =50g
40sq mtrs
8 handfuls.

Sulphate ammonia
15g/sq meter recommended
23.6% sulphur
5g/sq m
40m=200g or
4 handfuls

Blood and Bone
N 5.4%, Phos 5.3%, Ca 11%
100g/ sq m x 40m
4 kg blood and bone

Sprinkle this ultimate growth booster around your plants in autumn and wait for spring miracles!


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