Lavender Salt Rub

I decided I wanted to make a Lavender Salt yesterday and made a quick note to obtain some for my Spa Garden. Today I had an invite from a new friend to visit my local community garden and we happened upon a broken piece of a very nice lavender which I am, as of this moment, attempting to strike. If lavender grew well from seed I would have grown it earlier, but I hate messing around with cuttings. It’s just not my thang.
Lavender Salt Rub
I wanted to make a pure lavender salt. I wasn’t sure why till I’d made it. My mother is 75 and has some serious age related skin complaints, common to some English skins that burn easily and dry out.

Today I began to teach her Queen Esther’s Ritual and I was able to give her the freshly made Lavender Salt as a gift. She found the smell attractive and it just may suit her skin and be just the right remedy for her especially in the initial stages.

This recipe needed no further addition of essential oils and smells strongly of Lavender. It was quick and easy to make, as far as Salts go.

Step 1. Put equal quantities of Sea Salt and fresh medicinal Lavender flowers into a large Mortar and Pestle. You cannot use a food processor, as you must crush the plant cells open. A food processor will not do. It cuts. You also must have a medicinal variety of Lavender. Do your best.

After 4 minutes of crushing and grinding the lavender into the salt it has become ready to sift
Note: I have lately used course cooking Sea Salt instead of Rock Salt for softer, moister plants like Calendula and Shallots with good success. If there is too much moisture, add more salt. the salt is soaking up and instantly preserving the powerful botanical elements. If the salt is moist, dry it out in a 50 degree oven or just leave it in the mortar for a few days and recommence grinding.

Sieve and then further pulverise what doesn’t pass through

Repeat the sifting and crushing process at least three times, before you give up and chuck away the remnant. Or be merciful and chuck it in as an abrasive.



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