Broad beans with Rosemary and Chive Flowers

This was a quick, nutritious addition to my morning eggs. The Chive flowers tasted deceptively like garlic until you thought about it a little more. They definitely added not only beauty but a definite flavour element to the dish. Boiling the beans with a sprig of rosemary also added subtle flavour and interest to the beans.


Put beans in a pot with a generous amount of salt and a sprig of rosemary. Just cover with water, pop on a lid and boil till cooked.

Drain, remove rosemary, toss in a splash of good olive oil and when cool enough to handle, take off the tough outer skins on the beans.

The easiest way to do this is to make a nick in the bottom of the bean with the tip of a sharp knife and gently squeeze out the inner bean. It reminds me of breaking waters and popping out a baby.

Tear off the individual Chive flowers from one or two flowering Chive stalks, add a little more olive oil and enjoy.


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