Salmon wrapped and steamed with Sorrel, Chive flowers and Spring Herbs

This was a delicious and easy dish, drawing on chives and garlic chives and lovely lemony sorrel to enhance a nice piece of salmon. Because the salmon only gets cooked on the skin side, choose thinner tail pieces or else reduce the heat for thicker pieces after an initial hot sear to get the skin well cooked. Because we are cooking the fish in a foil parcel it is a steamed dish which retains lovely juices which I added to sauce of the Calendula and lemon potatoes which made a perfect accompaniment along with grated fresh beetroot or carrot to add welcome sweetness to balance the lemon & salt. We also served with some burgundy lettuce and radish flowers.

One of the nicest things about this dish were the unopened chive flower pods which when cooked could be mistaken for capers.


3-4 sorrel leaves about the same length as your fish
3-4 small silver beet leaves
3-4 chive flowers, preferably unopened
1 tbsp chopped chives
1 tsp chopped garlic chives
1 tbsp chopped parsley
Nob of butter

IMG_0596.JPG<br /

1. Season tail ends of salmon with Lavender Salt
2. Place salmon skin side down on buttered alfoil then
3. Place sorrel leaves, silverbeet leaves, chopped chives and garlic chives, parsley, Chive flowers or unopened flower pods on top of salmon, add a nob of butter and wrap up in foil.
4. Cook salmon parcels on BBQ or heavy based fry pan 5-7 minutes till cooked to your liking. Less is more. It can alway sit and rest to complete cooking.

Serve with Lemon and Calendula Potatoes, a side dressing of grated beetroot, burgundy lettuce and radish flowers.



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