Growing Galangal, Tumeric, Ginger and Lemongrass from the Supermarket


Ah, the joyous celebration to be found in fresh, homegrown aromatics! 

Not only not do they look lush and tropical, their perfume fragrances every part of the plant, not just the familiar culinary bits. When you brush up against lemongrass or walk through a thicket of lush galangal leaves, a gentle aroma is released. Im told by blogger comments that the flowers are deliciously fragrant, though mine are yet to flower, only being in their first summer of growth. Next year they may flower. Somewhat elusive and tender, is hardy when they have it warm and humid. God wants us to eat the stuff. He’s thankfully made their care fairly foolproof in my Sydney climate.

These are grown in 18-20″ low profile tyres I beg for from my local tyre dealer. You can see I started painting one silver but changed my mind. Waste tyres are closely monitored these days and most are carefully recycled. The tyres double as soccer ball protection for my plants and bamboo screen which are situated adjacent to a child’s play area. Some are planted in Woolworths cheap n rough potting mix which has compressed down to a dense mix and they are clearly struggling more than the ones in my homemade mix of coir and vermiculite. They get regular feelings of comfrey tea, manure and other goodies.

Full of health giving antioxidants and flavonoids, as well as healing “volatile” or essential oils that are great for warming the muscles and easing inflammation in aching joints. I’m growing it to further explore its medicinal value and make up some infused oils for massage and perhaps for skin care products.

I started these off by planting nice fresh pieces found at the green grocer. I expect them to multiply quickly and be ready for harvesting by next year.

Galangal is a unreplaceable ingredient in Tom Kai Gai, or Tai Chicken and Coconut Soup, one of my all time favourites.


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