Coconut, Roses and Parsley for Health and Beauty


In many ways my Day Spa is like a restaurant. We have a menu, but sometimes I wing it and create something new for a client. Kind of like a specials board.

I was booked to give an Indian head massage to an Indian gentleman who lives in Malaysia and has regular access to many such services. One might say he was a connoisseur of the Indian head massage. One can be tempted to be intimidated by such lofty expectations, especially since Indian head massage is a bit like the tripe of the Day Spa, it might be on the menu (because it is delicious), but few ever order it. Such a pity because it truely can be heady!

Personally I’m a big fan and I know it always goes over well. Perhaps thats  because I have always loved it when someone plays with my hair. I remember in primary school, there was a girl who use to play with my hair when we lined up to go into class. It would make me swoon and instantly be transported into some mind warp of sleepy relaxation. The head is a very sensitive part of the body and we unknowingly carry a mass of tension there, it also a gateway to energetic pathways that can influence and be felt through the whole body.

So, when preparing for this client I wanted something special. I only had a small amount of Coconut oil left after making some massage candles earlier in the week, but it was enough. I chose to add to it rose and parsley essential oils. Rose because it is so energetically ethereal and parsley because it is purifying. It was not a choice made for the nose and a bit like adding chocolate to a rabbit ragout, there was something not right about it in my deceptive mind. 

His Indian Head Massage was a delicious journey of sensory textures and His comment was that it was as good as any he had had in the past. I have to be content with that I suppose, though I’m use to more.

Anyway, to the point of this post, I sat down and googled coconut, rose and parsley. As I suspected, no results. I did however find a nice homemade recipe for a Coconut and Rose sugar scrub. Now while I’d never use sugar or Almond oil, and would substitute a good salt for sugar and olive or hemp oil for the Almond, it’s your kitchen, do as you wish. By using fragrant rose petals, your mix will become lightly rose scented and ethereally energised.


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