Comfrey and Rose Mask to Supercharge Cell Renewal.

Spring has fully sprung and the garden is coming alive and pumping. That means it’s time for me to start drying out my herbs for my masks which I use on my own skin and for my clients.

The small quantity of dried and powdered comfrey in the jar above seems like a pitiful amount compared to the volume of fresh leaves that I started with. Nevertheless, comfrey is a power house, and today I thought I would supercharge my skin with a comfrey and Rose mask.

I don’t list this on my spa menu because pure comfrey on the face is a little irritating, so I use it blended with chocolate mint and calendula in the spa. But that doesn’t mean I can’t use my secret cell regenerating weapon full strength.

It’s as simple as mixing equal quantities of the dried, powdered herb and red rose cleanser together and applying on the face. I actually apply my masks on the eye area safely because there is nothing in the cleanser formulae to restrict that and in fact it’s the skin around my eyes that really needs the magic.

As I wait for the mask to dry I feel a mild prickly itchiness on my cheeks but once I’ve had enough I’ll take it off. The longer I leave it on though, the deeper the work will be on my skin and the greater chance I have of scaring someone. Where’s Shrek!

I left the mask on for about 20 minutes, brushed off the dried herbs and then used a warm compress to remove the rest. After this I applied my Amber Hareem facial serum, loaded with goodies such as Myrrh, carrot and parsley seed oil. My skin was buzzing, flushed and a lot was going on. Now as I write this a few hours later, my skin feels amazing, alive and vital. The pictures below were taken directly after the mask is removed, 20 minutes later and 90 minutes later. 


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  1. This masks looks nice! I was trying to imagine the smell as I was reading. It’s great that you can use Comfrey in higher concentrations without irritation and you know it! I’ve learned certain things will freak my skin out. Like the time I used orange blossom honey for a honey mask… I avoided honey for nearly a year after that!

    1. ichykoo says:

      So far my intuition has been kind. I’ve even tried nettle flagellation as a Spring serotonin booster. It was epic (Roman Warriors did it for their health and arthritic aches) but I certainly won’t be adding that one to the menu at the moment. My skin 20 minutes removing is warm, flushed and vibrating with cellular activity!

      1. Knowing your skin is the key to taking care of it best. It took me so long to learn that I couldn’t just find a miracle product based on recommendations. Mixing and layering are my paths to success.

      2. ichykoo says:

        Tell me more…I just try to keep things as close to nature as I can.

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