Making Red Rose Cleanser

Maybe I’m just needing the super nurture of the rose, but I’m really loving the red rose cleanser this year. Because I make this from fresh Red Rose petals from my grandmother’s garden, the vintage has a special connection for me. It seems that somehow love and spirit can be transferred into the things you make and the plants you grow, so that they become more wonderful than they would otherwise be. There is something about a meal cooked with passion, or a wine patiently watched over, that is, dare I say, powerful? Have you experienced it?

“Like Water for Chocolate” is a great book/ movie all about this passionate infusion of our spirit into the food we cook. I have also experienced this in the food I grow and in the flower remedies, infused oils and Spa products I have made from them.

Tomorrow I visit my grandmother’s house and I’m going to do some air layering of the Papa Mieland rose bush, still standing strong after over 20 years of neglect since she passed. Any fragrant Rose can be used to make this oil, but there is something about this particular rose that resonates with the deepest part of my soul. By air layering this rose I hope to be able to have a greater supply of red roses to make more of this precious oil.

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