Spa Menu

The Spa is all about the Art of Touch, and its power to bring us into another state of being entirely. The Spa can elevate us, suspend us between heaven and earth, calm the mind, release the body, soothe the emotions in order to set the spirit free. At its best, it is a sacred journey and it is our desire to provide a safe and calming space where touch textures, colour, fragrance, soothing sounds and atmospheric lighting all help you learn to let go and really, really relax…

The Spa is also about the powerful healing that can happen when a receptive mind meets nature and nurture. We detoxify, purify and nourish using the best from nature. Clay, salt, oils, herbs and flowers; all time honoured and God given. Our unique products, developed by us and made at the Spa, offer a seamless experience of touch and exotic fragrances where massage, body, hair treatments and facials blend into one sumptuous whole without the interruption of showers.

Treatments are by appointment at our Penrith studio.  We also specialise in Adventure Spa Retreats at Katoomba,  Durras beach and the Victorian High Country for groups from 2+.

Our Spa Menu is easily priced

  • $150 for 60 min
  • $200 for 90 min
  • $250 for 2 hrs

And will include

Aromatherapy Inhalations-relaxing and evocative scent can instantly melt and calm our defences. We use inhalations at appropriate stages in your journey. In addition, because ichykoo products are infused with herbs, roses and spices, scent is a constant companion to subtly unmask you.

Air Feathering-the lightest touch to awaken and harmonise your body energies is no touch at all! Feathers create targeted gusts of air onto the body. This also “massages” the ethereal spirit and can release negative energies, replacing it with a fresh breeze of calm.

Meridian Brushing-This is used to open up and normalise the flow of energy through the body. Beginning at the feet, we use a soft brush to trace the meridians up to the head down the arms, torso and return to the feet.
Therapressure Brushing-This is a brush with a unique touch texture that is instantly comforting. Even with deep pressure there is no harsh scratching. Developed by an Occupational Therapist, it is a therapeutic tool used to normalise sensation in individuals with sensory perception disorder and calm the nervous system.

Body Brush, Therapressure Brush & Spiced Salts add textural interest to your Spa journey

Body Cleanse-Paying particular attention to the bodies elimination zones, a silky soft, detoxifying clay cleanser draws excess heat, toxins and heavy metals from the skin and underlying tissues. We begin with long light flowing strokes to awaken the body to touch and get the lymph moving. We then move more deeply into myofascial release techniques as required. This is then removed with a hot compress.
Aromatherapy Massage-Warming, herb rich oil is applied to the body and your massage continues, drawing upon Swedish, Kahuna, Accupressure and Thai techniques.

Salt Exfoliation-for dry skin and on the skins elimination zones, salting is amazing! Not only do you have a very satisfying new touch texture, salting also kills bacteria, removes dead skin and when later dissolved and emulsified by the application of water on the body, is instantly transformed into a mineral rich, super hydrating serum.

Hot and Cold Stones-each have a place. Hot stones are used during massage and when emulsifying the salts on the body. Their smooth texture and warmth penetrate to sooth muscles. Cold stones are coated in beeswax and used for massaging any areas of excess heat and inflammation. The beeswax coating has a unique touch texture, very close to skin.

Facial-every 60 minute treatment includes an aromatherapy compress, Red Rose Cleanser, face and head massage and Nourishing Serum. Longer sessions allow time for the application of our exfoliating herb mask, loaded with active botanical ingredients to really give your complexion a lift and stimulate cell regeneration.

Indian head Massage-We always include head and hair massage at the end of every Spa Treatment, but those who long for more will enjoy this luxurious application of herb infused oils to nourish the scalp and hair. The oil is left on for a few hours and removed at your leisure by shampooing and is a very beneficial way to tame dry damaged hair.

Foot Spa-Cracked dry neglected feet need special love. We begin with a double clay detox, then follow with a hot towel wrap. This softens calloused skin which is then removed. Nourishing Passionflower and Rose Shea balm is massaged in, paying particular attention to reflex and acupuncture points. Then you have a thorough salt exfoliation and finish with a protective balm.


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