We specialise in massage and remedial techniques, also using herbal preparations to assist in healing injuries of the muscles and joints.

The aim of our treatments is to increase your feeling of wellbeing through the comfort of touch, restoring balance to muscles and relieving tension of both body and soul.

We use a combination of Swedish massage, Acupressure, Tai and Lomi Lomi techniques. We also prescribe exercises to improve posture, strength and flexibility and provide private Tai Chi based corrective movement classes. 
Treatment Options 

The Therapeutic Quicky (30 mins) $50, (60 mins) $90

This is a “get down to business, I’m in pain, hurry up and fix me” massage. We use Chiropractic techniques to rebalance the pelvis and spine, remedial massage to release fascia and trigger points and our herbal linaments to assist with tissue repair. First timers will usually need a longer session to start but can have shorter 30 minute sessions after that. For those with chronic pain or acute injuries that will need a series of treatments we offer a discounted rate when purchased in bulk. 

3×60 min remedial for $250, 5x60min remedial for $400, 1×60 min and 2×30 min for $170 and these can be used over a 6 week period.

Soothing Care Aromatherapy Full Body Massage (60 mins) $100
This is a relaxing remedial massage that focuses on areas of muscle tension and also provides circulatory and energetic benefits through Lymphatic drainage and Swedish effleurage to the limbs and spine. This massage is the perfect mix of targeted body work and ethereal bliss. We use ichykoo Amber Hareem Aromatherapy Massage oil with 12 herbs to assist in your wellbeing.

Red Rose Reviver (60 minutes) $120

Sometimes indulgence is a necessity. This massage is a head to toe immersion in our ultra comforting, energetically reviving, Red Rose Oil. We make this oil from highly fragrant red rose petals, picked at their peak and then infused for 2 weeks into warm extra virgin olive oil. The result is something that can only be experienced to be understood. 

Extended Massage Session (90 mins) $140

This is a lovely treatment when deeper work and relaxation are needed. There is no substitute for time soaking in a sea of comforting touch. Recommended for inflammatory and arthritic conditions, depression, anxiety and when recovering from extended periods of stress. Includes aromatherapy inhalations, herbal compresses and heat therapy as required. 

Add ons 
Our massages can include a selection of add on Spa options such as salt polishes and clay treatments which can be found on the Spa Menu section of the web site. 


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