“I have gathered from my garden all my sacred spices, even my Myrrh.” Song of Songs 5:1

All ichykoo products are unique formulations, made by us from only edible, food grade ingredients and essential oils. They are entirely free of chemicals, preservatives, detergents, soaps and fillers. We grow our own organic herbs and flowers, infusing their goodness into our massage oil or drying to be used later in various skin treatments. In this way we ensure that they are harvested at the peak of their power and have maximum therapeutic punch. To these, we add the finest traditional Spa ingredients such as salts, oils, waxes, earths and clays, in order to create a range of beautiful Spa products that have real benefits for body and mind. You will feel the difference.

Right now you can experience how amazing all natural skincare can be by visiting us at the Spa or by attending one of our classes where you will have the opportunity to make your own personalised skincare and learn how to give yourself a nurturing whole body skin treatment. I will show you what I have discovered. You can get fit while you get beautiful skin! 

As I have used these products to care for my own ageing body and to calm my frazzled mind, I have discovered that I can give myself a full body massage with lymphatic drainage, a strength, flexibility and cardio workout, salt polish, mud wrap, facial and herbal masque all in 30 minutes. The more I do it, the better I look and feel.

ichykoo bathing essentials

Our core skincare method relies on these products.

Herbal Body Oil with 12 herbs.
Basil, wild sage, thyme, marjoram, cypress, rose geranium, wintergreen, clary sage, orange, eucalyptus, rosemary, oregano.
Salt with Spices
Clove, Star Anise, Cardamon and Cinnamon
Hydrating Mist with precious resins of Frankincense, Myrrh, Spikenard and Galbanum.

With these three items you can clean, nourish, hydrate and detoxify all the skin on your body. It is great for the health and appearance of dry, ageing skin and with regular use will improve the appearance of cellulite. You can also clean your teeth with the salt and a massage it into the armpits for use as an effective deodorant. 

You will be amazed at how clean, hydrated and soft your skin feels and others will notice it’s healthy glow. It’s excellent for travelling and camping and you never need feel dirty or unkempt again, even without a shower. Plus you can use the tasty spice laden salt in your food…it’s great on a tomato sandwich!

Ancillary Care
The skin on the face and elimination zones such as the upper arms, arm pits, tummy, chest and thighs will benefit from the addition of some ancillary care products.

Red Rose Cleanser with Kaolin
Soothing and detoxifying. This cleanser  is made from fragrant red rose petals and the finest kaolin clay and can be used to remove makeup and cleanse delicate skin.

Clay Body Cleanser
With kaolin and essential oils, this can be used to assist with detoxifying elimination zones such as the skin in the armpits, chest, thighs, stomach, and back. With regular use skin texture is noticeably refined. This is a very versatile product.

Exfoiliating Herbal Masque
Jammed packed with active botanicals that fight ageing, all herbs in this product are grown by us. Contains celery seed, parsley seed, calendula, comfrey and chocolate mint. The dry herbs are mixed into the clay cleanser to make an exfoliating treatment mask that regenerate the skin.

Purifying Oil
Super nourishment for your skin. This serum is rich in the healing oils of Hemp, Grape, Parsley, Carrot, Myrrh and Vetiver. Use the hydrating mist to extend and hydrate the oil. Use a drop wherever sun damage, wrinkles and skin problems occur.



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